Choose tiles for multicultural living space

Choose tiles for multicultural living space

Choose tiles for multicultural living space

Inspired by cultures and styles from all over the world, Prime Group came up with delicate ceramic tile patterns that let you experience the beauty of so many cultures around the world. With our products, you can create a whole new world right in your own home without having to go anywhere.

Delicate Asian design style

Inspired by the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji - the symbol of the country of the rising sun, the ancient temples in the land of the Golden Temple, or the typical cultural features from India... the designers of Prime Group continuously come up with new designs to catch up with the general trend of the world while still retain the traditional identity of Eastern culture.
The designs are in the style of the country of the rising sun - Japan, with its very own features that are minimalism, sophistication, and nature-friendly. Refer to the product at:
Recreate the distinctive features of Indian Rangoli decorative art. Refer to the product at:
Popular natural images in Indian and South Asian Rangoli art such as flowers, vines, trees, fish, birds, dancing figures, human figures, and shapes such as circles, semi-circles, triangles, square and rectangular. This feature, adapted in tile designs, gives the living space an artistic touch.

Visit the most famous architectural works in Europe

In the journey across the world, the next destination we would like to invite you to visit is Europe, which contains many secrets that everyone wants to discover and experience themselves. The magnificent palaces of generations of royalty or the splendid beauty of ancient castles and cathedrals have become an endless source of inspiration in each tile design.
The talented designers from Prime have brought selected textures into each design, creating a modern space that is aesthetically pleasing but unobtrusive.

Design inspired by the ancient castle Corfe Castle - England. Refer to the product at:

Europe is captivated by many interesting destinations. You should not ignore Rome, the capital of Italy, land located on the beautiful Mediterranean peninsula.
Colosseum symbol of Roma (Photo collection)

Impressed by the liberal and ancient beauty of the city of Rome, the designers of Prime Group have launched a collection of Roma garden tiles, featuring stylized images and neoclassical motifs.
With flexible sizes 40x40cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm, combined with textures and neutral colors that consumers love such as cream, yellow, gray, light brown... This combination will create a uniquely highlighted and luxurious touch for projects such as villas, hotels... giving you the feeling of a magnificent part of Europe being visible right in the existing space around you.
In addition, these designs use surface technology with shaping mold and the effect of sugar particles. When the crystal particles on the brick surface are created by effects, refracted with natural or artificial light sources, they will transform completely differently, so that the space becomes more attractive.

Come to North Africa to discover Morocco - Land of a thousand and one nights

The beauty and vivid colors of the mysterious land of Morocco - North Africa have become the inspiration for many decorative tile designs from Prime Group.
Located in North Africa, Morocco is a colorful country with immigration from many different cultures. The typical color of the Moroccan style is earthy brown, accompanied by a very eye-catching turquoise color. In addition, in Morocco, floating colors are also very popular such as chocolate, turquoise, blue, or amber ...

Refer to the product at:

Those features, adapted by Prime Group through each brick design with cool colors, mainly blue, are one of the typical highlights of this style. The floor tiles and wall tiles with impressive color patterns have created a very distinct Moroccan style.

In order to bring a real feeling to these designs, Prime Group's manufacturers have applied the cracked enamel effect, a new breakthrough in ceramic tile decoration technology. The cracked glaze on the tile surface is formed when the surface is coated with a special layer of frit and fired at a high temperature, which helps to form random cracks.
Inspiration comes from the cracked glaze on ancient ceramic pots
With symmetrical textures and eye-catching colors, Prime Group's designs can be used flexibly and easily coordinate with different interior spaces.

Inca imprints in Latin America

With hundreds of design ideas rotating, nature and different cultural beauties become the source of inspiration for every pattern.
The design is inspired by the original cliffs of the Incas, smoothed and stacked, without the use of any glue. Refer to the product at:
The innovative designs, crystallizing the liberal and attractive beauty, bring the architectural silhouette of the ancient towns from the Andes mountains with the ancient beauty and sacred values ​​of the Incas.

"Yuendumu Doors" Australian Aboriginal art

Recreate highlights of Aboriginal art, with beliefs, dances, and mystical rituals. The brick designs emulate the grids of lines and reticles with subtle pen dots, giving off an aristocratic and confident look.
Similar to how an artist interacts with his audience, Prime Group wants to create tile designs that evoke emotions in the user. Helping homeowners experience different cultures right in their own living space. Despite the chaos of life during the pandemic, you can renovate your living space to "reset" life and have a more relaxed and comfortable soul.
Article by Le Nhung - Strategy and brand development department.

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