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Ceramic tile flooring offers many advantages such as: * Durability. * Aesthetically pleasing. * Moisture and stain resistance. * Scratch and Scuff Resistance. * Fire Resistance. * Resistance to Fading. * Easy to clean and maintain. * Many choice of shapes, designs, sizes and colors. * Can be installed almost anywhere. * Environmentally Friendly.
Tiles Laying Suggestions
It is important that all tiles are resistant to both stains and chemical agents. A tile for exteriors must have features that are different to tiles for interiors because they come into direct contact with the weather. When laying tiles outdoors the tiles should be frost-resistant and slip-free too. For interiors, glazed tiles can be used as their style and look is particularly important.
Yes, but wall tile is never recommended for floor use.
Frequently Asked Quesions
Although advanced printing technology was applied, color of products printed in catalogue may be a little bit different from that in reality. Product color in catalogue and website may not be completely true as the real products. It can be less sharp. Therefore, you should directly visit nearest Prime distributors’ showrooms and retailers to see, touch and choose products base on the real samples.
* Every area has different needs, for example, is it interior or exterior? * Is it a commercial or a residential building? * Is it a floor or a wall? Contact one of our experts or one of our sales points for free consultation and discover the best solution to your needs.
We have a nationwide distributor network, so you can have address and contact details of Prime distributors in Distributor tab of this website and visit the nearest showroom to see and buy our products that include tiles, roof tiles and water heater.
Rectification is a process that affects the edges of a tile. A mechanical process straightens the tile edges and ensures they are perfectly squared. So all the tiles are exactly the same size and can therefore be laid with a minimum grout joint of 2 mm. Non-rectified tiles, on the other hand, are tiles with natural, uneven edges that require a wider grout joint.
Roof Tiles Maintenance
Lichen or moss can start to grow on tiles after long periods but does not in any way indicate deterioration or affect the performance of tiles. It can be easily removed with a high pressure cleaner by a professional cleaning contractor.
Maintaining tiles requires minimal effort. However if your roof is old or you’d like to get it checked after storm damage, we recommend contacting a roof maintenance specialist who understands the correct safety procedures to inspect your roof.
Frequently Asked Quesions
There have been situations where the most violent of storms have destroyed all types of roofing materials. However, in cases of more typical storms (2″ diameter hail or less), only 10% of the tiles were damaged, whereas other roofing products required complete replacement.
Yes. Terracotta is a poor conductor of heat and cold. As a result roof tiles provide improved insulation when compared to some other roofing materials. The colour of the roof will also affect its relevant thermal insulation performance. Light coloured roofs reflect heat and dark colours absorb heat, this should be considered when selecting the roof tile for your home.
We have so many types of roof tile that can meet demand of any style of architecture such as: glazed and unglazed tile including accessories like ridge tile, ridge end, apex tile, eave,…
Frequently Asked Quesions
You may need a new hot water heater, there could be bacteria in your system or your anode rod may have failed. You need a service call to diagnose the problem.
Age is one factor, when a water heater is over 10 years old you may want to consider replacement. If the water heater is leaking or you get only one hot shower these are two other signs of failure. Other indicators are slow recovery, noisy operation, calcium buildup, or no hot water. You can call a supplier’s water heater experts.
Please call 1800-5555-95 to get our water heater specialist.
If there is few people in your family and you only use hot water for shower, you just need a water heater with a small capacity of 15L. To use hot water for bath-tub or all taps in your house, you should choose the larger type of water heater. You can check below: * Capacity of 15L used for family of 1-2 people. * Capacity of 20L used for family of 2-3 people. * Capacity of 30L used for family of 3-4 people.

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