Suggestions for choosing the right tile color for the house architecture

Suggestions for choosing the right tile color for the house architecture
The tiled roof is likened to the crown of each house, in addition to its protection and shielding features, it also enhances the beauty and aesthetics of the architecture of the building. A study has shown that, when you first see a house, 40% of your attention will be on the roof *. That means a great design coupled with an attractive tile color choice can completely change the look of your home. In today's article, Prime Group will give you some suggestions to choose the right tile color for your home! 

1. Choose the right tile color for the house architecture

Each house will be designed with a different overall architecture, with which the color of the tile roof needs to be in harmony. While single-story homes need to look taller and more spacious, multi-story homes with large, complex roofs require color schemes that give the roof an elegant and balanced look.
Therefore, a light-colored tile roof will be a suitable choice for single-story houses or sloping tile roof designs, because light colors will tend to reflect light, making objects appear larger. On the contrary, dark tones will absorb light, giving the feeling of a smaller object, helping the roof tiles of villas or multi-story houses not overwhelm but harmonize with the architecture of the whole building.

2. Coordinating roof tiles with exterior paint colors

Besides the compatibility between the roof tile and the overall architecture, the harmony between the tile color and the exterior paint color is also an important factor that makes up the house's aesthetic. White exterior paint will match almost all roof tile colors. Exterior paint in yellow or green tones should be combined with gray, black, or moss-green roof tiles to highlight the freshness of the paint color. The table below ** is a suggestion for you to choose from. 
The white paint color combined with the navy blue tile roof creates a harmonious and luxurious overall

3. Choose the tile color that matches the owner's element

For Eastern cultures, a feng shui living environment is a combination of many factors that help support the balance of yin and yang in the five elements, thereby improving luck, fortune, health, etc. The house, roof, furniture, etc., is one of the important factors that helps to enhance the favorable factors and limit the disadvantages in the work and daily life of the homeowner. The following table suggests tile colors suitable for each homeowner's element:
Choosing the color of roof tiles according to feng shui brings luck to the homeowner

4. Popular tile colors in Vietnam market

For hundreds of years, the traditional red terracotta tile color has dominated most of the roofs of Vietnamese people. Therefore, red is the choice of the majority of people when choosing roofing materials, including glazed tiles. Red is also a symbol of prosperity, success and good luck.
Besides the traditional red tile color, some homeowners, especially young people, also like to choose colors that match modern home design trends such as Thai or Japanese roof designs. With those roof architectures, the colors of navy blue and smoky green are preferred, contributing to creating a highlight that is very consistent and harmonious with the overall natural landscape around.
Red, Navy Blue and Moss Green are 3 tile colors chosen by many families
In addition to learning the color of the tiles, you also need to choose a reputable and reliable building material supplier. Prime Group is proud with more than 20 years of experience in the construction ceramic industry, specializing in providing high-quality glazed tiles with diverse colors to customers. Advanced technology from Thailand combined with skillful enamel spraying technique brings high aesthetics and comprehensive functions. Prime Tile has been trusted by customers for many years, bringing to the work beauty and timeless quality. Hopefully with these shares, readers will find and choose the right tile color for their home.

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