Glazed ceramic roof - Important note in use and construction

Glazed ceramic roof - Important note in use and construction
Glazed ceramic roof fully converges advantages drawn from other roof products, capable of conquering consumers such as modern big wave design, is an environmentally friendly material. However, if the strict production and construction process is not followed, the project will face a problem of leaking. What is the cause? Join us to learn and listen to Prime glazed roof manufacturer advise on effective construction methods.
When having a problem with a leak, homeowners often worry and question the quality of the roof. But in fact, the majority of cases of "squealing" and sneezing are caused by improper construction methods according to the manufacturer's instructions.

1. Technical error in construction

Glazed roof meets the standards of size and structure, recognized by metrology organizations, but this is still a product that is molded and shaped separately by each manufacturer, so each manufacturer will have different construction specifications. Therefore, before construction, workers need to see detailed instructions on: product packaging, catalog, Website (, ...). Here are some key points to keep in mind.

Litho distance and roof slope
One of the main reasons for a sneeze is setting the lithostatic distance too far from the manufacturer's instructions.

In the current glazed roof market, Prime roof has the top length with a length of 410 mm, the distance indicated by the manufacturer is 330 ± 10mm. Therefore, to ensure good anti-leakage, the rows of roofs need to be overlapped at least 70 mm so that the roof is covered, without creating gaps. Along with that, the roof slope allows at least 70% - equivalent to 35 degrees, creating a suitable slope to help rainwater drain faster, avoiding splashes, splashes, and overflows through the tile joints. Adjusting the tolerance ± 10mm depending on the length of the roof tile also helps homeowners calculate to save material costs for the project.

(Instructions for the construction of Prime Premium glazed tiles)

Compliance with regulations on litho spacing and roof slope ensures maximum tightness and leak resistance for your tile roof.

Staggered roofing
Currently, on the Vietnamese tile market, there are two basic roofing methods: staggered and straight. Staggered roofing, also known as 'constructive' roofing, means the edge of the upper row roof and the edge of the adjacent lower row roof, not on a straight line, creating a zigzag roof decoration overall.

The opposite of staggered roofing is a straight-line roofing method, whereby the edge of the upper row roof and the edge of the adjacent lower row roof lie on a straight line, creating beautiful, aligned waves from the top, roof to the end of the roof.

(Correct and staggered roofing method)

Many workers are now "identifying" the staggered roofing method of traditional and cement roofs with the straight-line roofing of Prime glazed ceramic roofs, resulting in roof tiles that are not tight, with high openings that make Rainwater easily penetrates through the openings, overflowing into the house. Therefore, glazed roofs need to be constructed according to the method of roofing in a straight line so that the grooves on the two sides of the two adjacent roofs on the same row match each other, complement each other, helping the roof to be roofed. completely sealed, increasing the ability to prevent leaks and overflowing rainwater, through the roof gap.

Construction of roof tiles
Currently, many projects are only focusing on the roof construction and "lightly disregarding" the roof. This not only reduces the aesthetics of the house, but also makes the house lack of certainty.
Therefore, in the construction of the roof, it is necessary to lined the roof first with mortar, stickers or roofing sheets and then fixed the roof tiles on top, helping to create a harmonious and solid roof overall, preventing rainwater from flowing. through the cracks in the roof, overflowing into the house.

Construction of gutters (waterway)
To ensure a beautiful roof, optimal performance, in addition to choosing the right roof and construction, it is necessary to have a scientific design of the waterway. Because the roof is the place that is exposed to and receives the most rain, it is necessary to have a solution to let the water flow to a fixed position, to avoid standing water.
At the intersection of the two roofs, the construction workers need to create a negative gutter under the roof to ensure that the water is drained quickly, does not seep back or overflow rainwater from the roof into the house.
Refer to the products of gutters, stickers to replace mortar - anti-leakage at:

2. Product error

Glazed roof is a heteromorphic product due to its structural composition and design features, especially the product is fired at a high temperature of 1130 or higher, so it is easy to warp the tile after firing. keep the original shape. If the roof has a large degree of warping, it will be difficult to construct, and it is difficult to ensure that the open roof does not occur.

Therefore, when choosing roofs for your project, you should prioritize the use of high-quality tile products with reputable brands and clear warranty periods.
At Prime, products before they leave the factory go through a rigorous quality check process: not only are they checked manually, but the products are also checked automatically by measuring machines such as plane testers, degree meters. Enamel crack resistance, flexural strength meter…. The product is tested and conforms to the national standard according to TCVN9133-2011 on Glazed Ceramic Roof.

(Picture of works using Prime glazed tiles)

Reading here, you will understand that the story of choosing roofs for buildings is really not that simple. In order to have a beautiful, modern, trendy and durable roof over time, it is necessary to have a total solution package from choosing the type of roof, color matching feng shui, to the architectural plan and construction solution... . The durability and beauty of glazed roofs continue to be tested through the time of using rain or shine.
The article hopes to help you better understand glazed ceramic roofs and their uses. From there, you can choose good roof products and have appropriate construction methods to ensure a durable, strong, beautiful roof structure, creating a safe and warm living space for the whole family.


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