Ceramic Tiles

Prime also has exported ceramic tiles to many countries, provides them with creative and trendy design, with high aesthetic quality.
Ceramic Tiles
45x95 mm 5
60x240 mm 3
90x600 mm 8
90x900 mm 9
100x300 mm 33
100x200 mm 23
100x600 mm 13
120x400 mm 8
120x500 mm 18
120x600 mm 22
150x600 mm 39
150x800 mm 35
150x150 mm 8
150x173 mm 33
160x400 mm 6
200x250 mm 3
200x400 mm 16
200x200 mm 12
250x250 mm 20
250x400 mm 142
250x500 mm 11
300x300 mm 262
300x450 mm 200
300x600 mm 638
300x900 mm 49
400x400 mm 382
400x800 mm 177
450x900 mm 14
500x500 mm 470
500x860 mm 25
600x600 mm 219
600x860 mm 26
Prime Vinh Phuc 179
Prime Pho Yen 126
Prime Dai Loc 165
Cotto 13
Prime Build 133
Prime Digit 189
Prime Sense 15
Prime Tiptop 19
Prime Veronio 41
Prime Super 2
Prime Reflexion 28
Premier 30
Outdoor 4
Kitchen 2
Living room 11
Bedroom 4
Other 76
Ceramic Tiles


Prime also has exported high quality ceramic tiles to many countries all over the world and received many compliments from clients. Choose your best solution with Prime’s tiles.

Having creative and trendy design, Prime’s Ceramic Tiles have qualified with high aesthetic quality.

Various styles like contemporary, luxury, minimalist, rustic were effectively applied in every single tile. Large sized Floor and Wall Ceramic Tiles come in diverse patterns like granite, marble, wood, floral, antique, mosaic, etc.

Good technical characteristics make our Ceramic Tiles have a high durability performance and reliability

They are suitable for interior and exterior installation such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, rooftop or garden and many more.

Prime’s product are produced perfectly at competitive price.

Assure utilities, multi-styles and modern technology applications.

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