Water Heaters

Solutions for an efficient, versatileand safe way of heating water. Owning PRIME water heater means hot water anytime, anywhere.
Water Heaters

Water heaters

Expanding into household appliances such as water heater is a sign of Prime's commitment to business growth, and expresses the desire of a comfortable home to your family, with the goal of : Prosperity for all

Water heaters

hot water

Hot water anytime, anywhere !

PRIME offers different types of electric water heaters to ensure you will find a hot water solution to fit your lifestyle and budget.


When it comes to PRIME electric water heater there are a few terms you may want to consider.

PRIME range of electric water heater provides an efficient, versatile and safe way of heating water quickly. Whatever the application, owning PRIME water heater means hot water anytime, anywhere.

  • Save Energy Save Energy
  • Heat Water Quickly Heat Water Quickly
  • Filter Water Filter Water
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